Bread to the Nations

Restoring God’s Model for the Next Generation in Haiti 

Take a look at the following video for Bread to the Nations current initiative!:

Update! The “Boys in the House” campaign is 100% funded! Construction is scheduled to begin February, 2015.

Firmin photo

Firmin and wife Magalie

Bread to the Nations was born out of a response to the story of a man’s overwhelming faith in God to provide for his church and his family.  The story began in late 2010 when we learned of Pastor Firmin, pastor of a church among the poor in Haiti.  Following the earthquake in January 2010, with their home unlivable, Firmin and his wife Magalie welcomed 14 orphaned and/or homeless children in need of a family, to live with them and their 6 children.  A missionary from the U.S. saw the need and shared the story in emails, time and again, but nobody responded.  The missionary spoke highly of Pastor Firmin, calling him a spiritual giant of Haiti.  He is an educated and gifted English speaking pastor.  We were taken in by the story and decided to jump in with some financial support, followed by a trip to Haiti to meet them face to face in January 2012.  We found a friendly group of people with big needs.  In spite of their needs there was a level of joy amongst them that is so rare to see in the U.S., and we wanted to be part of that story. Thus, Bread to the Nations born.


The sponsored children in the home

The first initiative was to provide for the basic needs of the household and the 20 kids. We started a sponsorship program for each child to provide monthly financial support for food, clothing, school tuition, books, and general household support.   An important part of the program is to build relationships between the kids and their sponsors.  We expanded this program in August 2014 to include more kids. Please contact us for more information.

The first phase of the rebuilding the main level of the children’s home was completed in August 2013.  The final phase is to add a second level to the home so that all of the children are able to sleep indoors and includes additional furnishings for the home.  The cost of the final phase is estimated to be $50,000 and will need to be completely funded prior to starting this phase of the project, scheduled for February 2015.



Pierre's family 4

Our translator, Pastor Pierre and family

We believe that God has provided a unique opportunity through the relationships that have been formed with our brothers and sisters in Christ through the ministry in Haiti.  Haiti is a country with many disparities and challenges.  We believe that restoring God’s model of the local church and family is essential for overcoming these disparities for the next generation.  Our approach is to provide support for the local church as a means of supporting and strengthening families. Bread to the Nations currently works through Pastor Firmin’s church, Blessings Christian Church which serves the poorest of the poor. Through the relationships that we have built, there are many opportunities in the future for Bread to the Nations to come alongside other local churches and pastors. God is at work in Haiti and there is a special opportunity to join with Him in restoring Haiti!

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