Place of Hope Africa Faces Another Move

Tammy Hagstrom —  March 17, 2015 — Leave a comment

marvandmarieandkids485x350Really Lord? Another move in our future? With 15 children? Previously, we shared with you about all the things the people who own the property where we currently live, wanted to do for us. Well, it ended up not being their cup of tea.

When we finally received the lease agreement and presented it to our board here, the board unanimously would not agree to those terms. There was almost nothing that was in the original verbal agreement, so before investing anymore in this place with the possibility of losing it all in the future, it appears it is time to move once again.

There is a piece of property we looked at a year ago and decided that the price was out of line for the property. It has now been drastically reduced and it is looking like this is the direction the Lord is leading us. There are three homes on the property:  a five-bedroom home for us and the children; a second home for another couple to serve with us; and a third home for people to stay when they come to volunteer/visit.

There are some repairs that need to be done, but with the lower price, it should now make it all feasible.

We previously raised $14,000.00 and we need to raise approximately another $50,000.00. The place will be purchased with trustees from the board under Place of Hope Africa.

We trust that the Lord will bring in the needed finances since He is the one leading us this direction and has provided a much more affordable place.

Also, this property is located near the house we previously lived and will be much closer to our employees and the children’s school.

We have stated in a previous letter that only the Lord knows the bigger picture….why we didn’t get all the funds needed for the other house we were going to purchase and why we did not put too much in to the place we are in until we saw a lease agreement.

The immediate amount needed ASAP is $25,000—$30,000. We have more time to raise the remaining amount.

Marv and Marie


Go here to give towards the future purchase of their new property!

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