Volunteer Opportunities

Teaching Classes – David Ask, coordinator

The Regeneration Center offers adult classes in spiritual enrichment, character growth and practical life skills. If you are interested in teaching a class, contact David Ask for specific information regarding curriculum, scheduling, length of commitment and training requirements.

Children’s Activities –  Rita Lotti, coordinator
After school activities for children may include recreation, games, arts and crafts, music, help with homework and more. If you are interested in helping, contact Rita for information regarding specific activities, scheduling and training requirements.

Dinner Hosts –  Dave and Jean Schonberg, coordinators

Dave and Jean currently host a Friday evening dinner. If you are interested in helping with Friday evening dinners, volunteers are needed to help set up tables and chairs, greet people and make them feel welcome, wash dishes and clean up the kitchen afterward, put away tables and chairs, sweep and vacuum floors. Other opportunities would be to occasionally host (plan, provide, and prepare) the Friday evening dinner when Dave and Jean are not available, or to become dinner hosts on another night of the week. Contact Dave or Jean for more information.

Clean and Maintain Building –  Tammy Hagstrom, coordinator
Volunteers are needed to assume regular cleaning chores as well as occasional maintenance tasks. Contact Tammy if you are interested in this area of service. Drop in help is also welcome.

Volunteer Requirements
All volunteers are directly accountable to the coordinator of the area in which they are volunteering and indirectly accountable to the 6th Avenue Community Center facility manager and to The Regeneration Center. It is expected that all volunteers follow and uphold the general guidelines outlined for the facility which include the following:
1. No smoking allowed in the facility.
2. No drugs or alcohol allowed on the property.
3. No items are to be loaned or removed from the facility, including tables, chairs, coffee makers, dishes, kettles, media and media equipment. Always treat others with courtesy and common respect. It is our goal to provide a welcoming and fun environment at the Community Center. If you are an occasional volunteer or a helper working alongside a staff member or trained volunteer, you may need no other training than receiving instructions from the person in charge with whom you are working. Positions of greater responsibility such as teachers, children’s program leaders, managers and coordinators would require some training.

Trained Volunteers
To become a trained volunteer, complete an application form, return it to the Community Center facility manager or to The Regeneration Center office. The Regeneration Center Director will review the application, check references and background information and schedule an interview. You will be informed of the training applicable to the area for which you are volunteering. The training may be in the form of a video or an instructional session presented by a staff member or a combination of the two. You will be considered a trained volunteer after successful completion of all of the above

Contact us at 320-759-0794 to find out more about these volunteer opportunities.